Youth Participatory Research on Science Engagement

Expand will implement a methodological alternative approach to studies of youth`s engagement in science.This approach will apply youth participatory action research methods (Cammarota & Fine 2008). The goal is to achieve a better understanding of the complexity of the development of aspirations by adopting and drawing on the perspectives of young people. The approach will be practice-based, involving multiple design-based research methods that are adapted to the specific group of youth researchers involved. Thus, the Youth Participatory Research on Science Engagement is a participatory youth action research project established in collaboration with Inspiria Science Centre and Greåker high school. The project will involve science centre educators and students in the upper secondary science programme in exploring science literacy and relevance to current youth social and cultural practices. The participating students will explore six aspects of science centre learning: the exhibition, the content of curricula, communication between science centres and youth, content of science centre events, and the form and content of science centre architecture and exhibition design. This sub-project will use youth participatory research to gain insights into the motivations and interests of youth, as well as the elements of science centre experiences that best facilitate engagement with science from a youth perspective. As an outcome of this subproject we expect empirical material that could be compared with data from science educators’ observations and analysis of exhibitions, in order to address questions related to the social and material aspects of learning and engagement with science in science centres.